In the realization of the strategic orientation of the academic community to be an active partner with the local community and economy, Faculty of tourism and hospitality management fosters business cooperation with tourist-hospitality practice, scientific and educational institutions in the country and abroad, local government units, associations and other public affairs.

Cooperation with business entities from tourist-hospitality practice, with special emphasis on the renowned hotel houses, camps, and associations in the Republic of Croatia, is achieved through the realization of the professional practice of students, programs, lifelong education, as well as elaboration of studies and projects.

 In addition to these things, as a constituent of the University of Rijeka, Faculty achieves significant activities with other Higher Education Institutions in the country and abroad, with special highlights to the role of the University as a partner in the centers of competence of tourism and hospitality industry.

The cooperation with the Ministry of tourism of the Republic of Croatia is particularly important, as well as the cooperation with the local administration and self-government, with special emphasis on cooperation with Primorsko-goranska County, the city of Opatija and the city of Rijeka, and with other municipalities, cities, counties on the the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

The cooperation is realized through the development of strategic development projects in the areas of tourism, lifelong education programs, and activities of making other development projects and studies in the areas of tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development.