Today’s success and results of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality management are based on the long development of higher education in the fields of economcs and tourism and hospitality management and started in the year 1960 in Opatija with the establishment of the Higher School of Economics with a hospitality track.

In 1969 the Higher Economy School was integrated with the Faculty of Economics providing the first level of higher education and in 1974 a new Faculty of Hospitality in Opatija was founded. From 1974 until 1986/1987 the Faculty is continuously developing and thriving. At the beginning of 1987, the Faculty started its activities in the new building in Ika, where the staff and students had modern audio-visual equipment at their disposal. Undergraduate and graduate studies were organised.

In the 1990’s the Faculty had to fight for its existence because of not being the only faculty in the field of economics but through its focus on tourism and hospitality it has become recognisable throughout the whole country.

Nowadays the faculty is a widely recognized and successful higher education institution that continues its development in the fields of education and research.