User structure: teaching staff, students, experts in the field of tourism and hospitality

Library holdings: 30 344 units of library materials in total

24 000 books

5600 volumes of journals

478 copies of final papers (Master and Ph.D. theses)

266 digital materials (CD, DVD)

Structure of library holdings: special emphasis is put on tourism and hospitality, but there is also available literature from all areas of economy, especially management. In addition, there are materials from other areas studied at the faculty: geography, IT, mathematics, statistics, food technology and hygiene, ecology, foreign languages, law, politics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, history and art history. Users are granted free access to all library holdings.

Uniqueness of the library holdings: the biggest collection of books and journals from the area of hospitality management in Croatia

Catalogue: online catalogue on the library website

Databases: all electronic journal databases paid by the Croatian Ministry of Science. The Faculty pays for the subscription to the EBSCO database Hospitality and  Tourism Complete.

Computer equipment and software: 8 PCs, scanner and printer
program for borrowing materials

Space: 100 m2, of which the reading room takes up 50 m2 and has 22 working places