The Student Council of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija (hereafter SC FTHM) is an organization consisting of a set of representatives and deputies for each year of university undergraduate and graduate study. They represent the interests and rights of their colleagues in particular before the Faculty Council , in accordance with the adopted Constitution. The President of SCFTHM also represents the same interests at the Student Council of the University of Rijeka.

The SC FMTU 's plan and program is based on getting students informed in a timely manner, the protection of basic student rights, the organization of student activities, as well as the promotion of activities and cooperation with other student organizations at FMTU, and generally the raising of student standards and the successful implementation of the Bologna process.

The SCFTHM has been successfully cooperating  with the FTHM Student Association for a number of years.  Through successful organization and mutual co-operation they propose and implement various projects and advocate for a more diverse student program of activities at FTHM.