Kaisa Kuusisto, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Kaisa KuusistoI chose Croatia by accident and it turned out to be the best choice I ever made! I got to meet so many amazing fellow Erasmus students and Croatian people as well. The amount of travelling I did in this year: one word – amazing. I got to see places that I might have never visited if it wasn´t for Erasmus in Croatia. I got used to Croatian habits and style of living fast and after that everything was just getting better by the day.I had an amazing time in my exchange in Opatija at FTHM! We had a really nice group which made the experience even better. Both semesters the faculty arranged a trip for us which were really nice. We got to know each other better and also get to know Croatia. The faculty helped us with every problem we might have had and the professors were always asking if everything is okay with us. The view from the faculty is great! This made me so happy every morning. I will remember this view forever. I´m really sad that my Erasmus is coming to an end soon. I wish this would never end. I know that I will come back to Croatia and Rijeka again and I got to know people that will stay in my life forever. These things makes leaving Croatia a little bit easier. In the end I want to thank everyone who made my experience as great as it was, and it truly was amazing.
I love you Croatia!
Magdalena Siwerska, University of Gdansk, Faculty of Economics, Poland
When someone asks me about my latest best choice (or even best ever), I will say: Erasmus, obvious! Why? It is the easiest way to discover and appreciate all good life's aspects. People can wonder how, people can say it is not possible in such a short period. And actually that is the recipe! You have only 5 months, so all you want is to take from it as much as possible. Studying? I have to note it: Croatian students have to work really hard and not only in the exam session like in my country. But I am even not afraid of it because when I look through the window to the sea during some classes, I will easily find huge ration of motivation. To sum up, all I want to say is that I am in love with Croatia, local people and their magical repose. Yes, I am fully satisfied with this exchange. Why to believe me? I am going to come back to Opatija on my master degree. Could here be a better recommendation for Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management?
Vicky McDowell, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom
Erasmus vickyMy Erasmus experience in Croatia is most definitely one to remember...it will never be forgotten. It was the perfect choice of destination. I had initially heard about Croatia from one of my course teachers in Glasgow who had visited before and had even attended the faculty but really I didn't know much more than that. When I had been completing my application for Erasmus, something kept telling me that I wanted to go to Croatia but I was still unsure about it at that time, but I am really glad I choose to come to the faculty in the end. I had also heard that people from Glasgow went to the faculty previously and they said they had an amazing time so then I knew I wanted to visit the country.The experience of living and studying in Croatia was very different from many other places but was unquestionably a perfect decision I had made. Studying at the faculty in Ika was flawless, it was in a perfect location with a beautiful view, the teachers were extremely nice and understandable, other staff members in the faculty were very helpful and the Croatian students studying there too were all so friendly. Life in the city of Rijeka was also really good; there is great nightlife for students allowing you to socialise with your Erasmus friends, some fantastic restaurants with really good and cheap food and numerous coffee shops to grab a coffee and have quick chats with some friends...which became a part of my everyday life in Rijeka. Another must during Erasmus is travelling!! This is why I am glad I choose to study in Croatia as I was able to visit the majority of this beautiful country throughout my stay, this ranged from road trips with my lovely Erasmus friends or trips organised by the faculty or the ESN team. Croatia is also in a perfect location allowing you to visit many other places around it including Italy, Slovenia and Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
One word to describe my Erasmus experience in Rijeka is incredible; many life-long friendships have been created with people from many different places and also Croatians too. I am pleased I choose to study tourism in Rijeka and I would recommend it to everyone, it provides many opportunities for all and the faculty in Ika just makes it better.
Suzanne Lynch, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, United Kingdom
My Erasmus experience was an unforgettable one. No words can describe how much this experience has been the best chapter off my life so far. Since the moment I was accepted into the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Opatija, Croatia – excitement surged through me, I could not pack my bags quick enough and jet off to this new adventure. This experience only comes around once in a lifetime and in all honesty it's one to grasp with both hands. The professors were exceptional within my faculty and always there to lend you a hand. They consistently checked that everything was going smoothly with your exchange. I stayed in the city of Rijeka alongside the majority off Erasmus students – it is the perfect place to socialise during the day and evenings. One major tip to consider whilst on exchange is work hard however have fun simultaneously and you will get the best of both worlds.
I can honestly say I have met an excellent network off friends from all around Europe and ones for life. Moreover, I would encourage anyone to travel as much as possible whenever you can because before you know it time just flies by. There are so many beautiful places in Croatia for example Plitvice National Park is a massive highlight for myself – It leaves you speechless at the picturesque beauty off the area. It is a must visit. Additionally, travelling outside Croatia is great because many places are easily accessible due to Croatia's excellent geographical location. I travelled to many places such as Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and each country is different and unique in their own way.
This experience has turned me into a storyteller already because you create the best memories with the best people and it leaves you speechless. Therefore, trust my perspective on this one. Don't be afraid, apply, pack your bags and jet off to an amazing adventure that is waiting for you in Croatia!!
Dimitris Moschos, Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece
dimitrisMy Erasmus experience: One word – Priceless. When I picked University of Rijeka for my Erasmus program, I was oblivious to what the city and the people had to offer. It was not one of the major Erasmus destinations, but from what I saw it was for the best. We had better communication with the professors, we got to know each other better and we got more immersed in the local society.
If I can give a couple of pieces of advice to future Erasmus students, these would be: be social, travel, not only to other countries(Italy and Slovenia are especially close),but also at close towns and villages; don't turn down chances because "you are bored". Seriously. The amount of time you have there may seem vast at the beginning, but later you will wish you had done more things, met more people and had more stories to tell about this wonderful experience.
Sarai Berger, Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven, Germany
sarai bergerCroatia - so close, so different, so wonderful! I came to Croatia more or less by coincidence. I wanted to go on Erasmus.I didn’t really know where. Life sent me to the perfect place. Sometimes it can be as simple as that :)
Arriving in Rijeka in storm and rain in September, celebrating my birthday at Kantrida beach in bikini in October, spending New Year’s Eve with a perfect view over the Kvarner Bay from Trsat Castle, studying in an old mansion directly at the sea, celebrating and partying with great people from all over Europe, travelling along the beautiful Croatian coast with a rented car, well-organized trips and events from the best ESN-team ever… where should I start???My advice: Pack up! And start the time of your life! Croatia did welcome me with charm, contrasts, beauty and open arms and I am sure it will do the same for you!
Carmen Dolores Pena Robles, Universidad de Almeria, Spain
carmenWhen I take the scholarship Erasmus, Croatia was not my first choice to finish my studies, and less to practice and improve my English. But I decided with my partner Yolanda Larios, know Croatia…and there we go, two Spanish girls who will live in Rijeka for five months!
Adapting to a country that we didn’t know anything about, was that most trouble to us at the beginning, because the language was unknown to us, a different currency, new culture, but the first thing that we knew immediately, was to walk as close as we could to the buildings, because the sidewalks in Rijeka are used as parking. Later we got to know our Erasmus partners, who are not partners now, because they are our friends. Sharing classes, having different trips through the Croatian and partying together, have made the several strangers from different countries to become a family! The family Erasmus!
Definitely, never thought that five months would pass so fast, now, I can consider Rijeka as a second home. I can only say that everything I´ve lived here I will not ever forgetand I hope to return in the future to know more.
Enjoy your life!
Hvala Hrvatska!